All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today is my Second-to-Last Day in the officeIt rolls off my tongue in soft-hiss and falls gently to the ground.  Tomorrow I will say goodbye to colleagues who have become my friends and even family.  A warm but hollow feeling resounds in my gut.  The small comforts, the routines, the places and people that were mine are soon to be a distance memory.  A once upon-a-time…

To be honest, it’s not a surprise this time has come.  Since I arrived in Nairobi, I have been expecting it. 

“How long are you here for?”

“I’m here until December.”

Semi-cognisant, half-wishing it were a figment of my imagination.  But alas, it is nigh.  It is upon me and neither pleading, nor tears will make it go away.

My boss has warned me not to cry.  How I wish I could flick off the switch in the back of my head.  Lock down the faucet, hidden beneath my eyes.  But I cannot make promises and will just take tomorrow as it comes.


I never find leaving easy.  Nor do I find it neat and tidy.  There always tends to be sniveling and running noses involved.  But as I look back upon 2011, I can only offer thanksgiving.  My heart is grateful to God that I have been allowed to experience a year such as this.

Personally, I have been given uncommon favour in my safety and health.  This cannot be taken lightly. 

Much to my parents (and my stomach’s) consternation, I’ve been fairly adventurous with my holiday locations and eating.  So far, I’ve gotten away mostly unscathed. ;).

I’ve wandered around in places where peach-blossom, rose-kissed skin fears to tread.  And have been left well alone.  This I must be thankful for.

I’ve chosen unlikely characters as friends and my life is all the richer for it.

Most importantly, I’ve worked with amazing people and seen amazing things.  Lives transformed, light forcing its way in the darkness and revealing pure beauty.  Brokenness restored, piece by piece – gently and tenderly. 

All this I will be forever grateful for and forever changed.