The Wheels on the Bus

The wheels on the bus go round and round

round and round,

round and round.

The wheels on the bus go round and round

All day long.”


The wheels on the bus go round and round taking Mama and I to see her GP again.  This time this trip was different.  Instead of me driving Mama, we’re took an empowering bus trip.  I showed Mama the bus  she need to take so that she has the freedom to see the GP whenever she pleases.

Mama & I at the Bus stop

The wheels in the bus turn as I mull over the semester just passed; dwelling on the topics in my course that related to the experiences of my family.  For instance in my development studies and sociology papers, I wrote assignments on child prostitution in Thailand.  As I read about young girls from Burma being trafficked into Thai brothels, it made me think about the intense desperation experienced by some in parts of Burma / Myanmar.  These assignments also made me wonder even more about Thai refugee camps.

Studying refugee rights in sociology struck me deeply as we examined NZ and Australia’s recent stance on asylum seekers arriving by boat.  Remembering Mama crying in the doctor’s office over the circumstances that led to her fleeing Burma, this abstract topic became much more real…. and infuriating.

It’s been a busy semester, though.  Much busier than I anticipated…. But honestly what was I thinking after over half a decade away from uni?  I’m grateful for my team mates, picking up the slack whilst I disappeared behind journal articles and books that colonised my room and my brain.

After a few weeks away, I was pleasantly surprised to see Karen family thriving.  Thanks to Jess’s hard work and tenacity, she had managed to get them enrolled in an English school.  How exciting it was for me to see Mama and Papa’s homework!  Just this short time at school and they are growing in general confidence.  Conversations are still incoherent, but somehow communication between us has improved.  I can’t quite describe it.  Of course, Boy is also thriving at his school.  His enthusiasm grows daily.  My only hope and prayer is that they continue along this positive path.  The effects of displacement are long-lasting.

Later this month is Boy’s birthday.  My team mates and I are looking forward to taking time out to do something fun with the family.  In the mean time, my mind will keep turning like the wheels on the bus.  Reflecting on the semester passed and how it has impacted my journey with Karen family.