Come, Navigate With Me

Come navigate with me.
Let’s skip across the nuances
Of blurred lines and new experiences.
We can dance at the edge of reality
And aspiration.

Come navigate with me
As we move from normality
To that which remains discovered.
Leaping between the sunrise and sunset
We can sit and watch the river of dreams
Meander through the deep of our nomadic heartbeats.

Come navigate with me
And place your feet alongside mine
In the misty shadow of shifting priorities.
Together we will toast the future of hope unseen
Run our hands along the real but not yet here
Fingers interlaced.

Oh, won’t you come navigate with me?


Nowhere to Go

Blatantly unavailable but also    irresistible.
Connection points that resonate deeply
And yet, don’t.
A cul de sac of opportunity,
Nowhere to go.

Revolving memories of shallow experiences.
Relentless in their grip,
Determined to endure.
A cul de sac of opportunity,
Nowhere to go.

Tender moments nestled in between
Troughs of doubt and conflict.
Yearnings unspoken, heart torn open.
A cul de sac of opportunity,
Nowhere to go.

Bootstraps & Assets: Three (Post) Evangelical Views on the Poverty of the Poor

Tough reading, but a great reminder of how we should be working towards the upside-down Kingdom.

Left Cheek: The Blog

In my experience with (Post) Evangelicalism, there are three basic models for dealing with poverty and poor people (though most experience some overlap).

The loudest-  though probably not the most widespread – we can refer to as the Dave Ramsey School of Thought: People in the US are in poverty because they choose to be. They are lazy, bereft of character, are without industry and resourcefulness. Poor people basically deserve to be poor. I mean, they can’t even bother to take one of Dave Ramsey’s $200 Seminars on Saving Money and Becoming a Success by the age of 60™!

The above view is deplorable, despicable and ultimately has no redeemable value whatsoever. It’s a Ponzi Scheme for greedy would-be condo developers – the sorts of people who run around twirling their mustaches while tying up their tenants to the train tracks just because.

But its real deviousness lies with…

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