Come, Navigate With Me

Come navigate with me.
Let’s skip across the nuances
Of blurred lines and new experiences.
We can dance at the edge of reality
And aspiration.

Come navigate with me
As we move from normality
To that which remains discovered.
Leaping between the sunrise and sunset
We can sit and watch the river of dreams
Meander through the deep of our nomadic heartbeats.

Come navigate with me
And place your feet alongside mine
In the misty shadow of shifting priorities.
Together we will toast the future of hope unseen
Run our hands along the real but not yet here
Fingers interlaced.

Oh, won’t you come navigate with me?


One thought on “Come, Navigate With Me

  1. I like this poem – many thanks for sending it to me.

    It recalls to me the Celtic idea of the ‘Anam cara’, the soul friend whom we invite to share our pilgrimage across the world. I’ve always pictured it as a trek together across my native hills in the north-west of Ireland, down to the Atlantic shore. Here is a poem I’ve written about it.

    With all good wishes for the future. Let’s keep in touch.


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