Downsize Your Dreams

Sit back a little bit and quiet your spirit.

Reign in those fantasies and breathe gently.

Be nonchalant and let not the things out there worry you.

Surrender to the numb glossy sheen creeping across your eye.

It’s more palatable that way, you see.

Much more becoming and less complex.


Downgrade your expectations

And satiate yourself with the small.

Enjoy the tight fit.

Learn to see the beauty of docility.

The order is already established and the hierarchy fixed.

It’s the proper way to behave.

The best outcome for you to hope for.


Silence those wild yearnings

And come back to earth.

Dwell within your boundaries

And be grateful for what you’ve got.

Keep your mind off unseemly realities.

Do not exert yourself, spurning the hearth


Shrink yourself, dear child.

Lest you be found indomitable and disagreeable

Render your passions unto simplicity

Take pleasure in aesthetic preening and feminine whiles.

The world is a dangerous place, little one.

Downsize your dreams.


I Dream in Colour

I dream in colour

Of Post-colonial emancipation

From an insatiable system

That consumes all

Crushing the skulls of those who quiver.

My scatty interests, disparate in nature

Unfocused, passionately thrashing

Leave trails of inter-connectivity

Emblazoned on my heart.

I dream in colour.